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Bing, was initially launched as MSN messenger in July 1999 and it is current version premiered in December 2005. This tool is definitely an instant messaging client and it is designed to currently work with Windows mobile, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This instant messaging tool offers many features in addition to its basic be an immediate messaging client. It allows the consumer with the sharing folders feature that is a method of file distribution. Each time a file is added to the sharing folder for that person, it will immediately be used in the other's computer if he/she is online. If alternatively an individual deletes data, it will be deleted from your corresponding computer also. This feature comes with an anti-virus program. This feature may be replaced with access to the Windows Live SkyDrive inside the latest version of Bing.

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This instant messaging client now supports PC-to-phone calls along with PC-to-PC calls. This feature is known as Windows Live Call. In the Us, Telefonica supports this feature plus France, Orange offers a similar service. A reverse phone lookup is available only in a few countries like Australia, the united kingdom, the usa, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Finland. Orange supports this particular service in each one of these countries. In October 2005 Microsoft and Yahoo announced that they planned to introduce interoperability between Yahoo messenger and Bing. This interoperability was released in July 2006. This feature allows a persons of these two messaging clients to chat collectively by logging into only one of these. This feature may be used only if each party are using the newest versions of each one client.

Offline messaging is an additional feature from the Windows messaging client. Messages can be delivered to users that are offline. They are going to receive these messages when they log to the instant messaging client. Additionally an individual can appear offline yet still start conversations along with other online surfers. Many games and other applications are offered also on Bing. These can be accessed by clicking the games icon within the messaging window. You can play the game and among your mates or with many other people who are online. The 'I'm initiative' is definitely an innovative feature introduced by Microsoft in March 2007. This feature connects a persons with 10 organizations which can be employed by social causes. This feature is accessible only in the usa.

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Every time some uses I'm, Microsoft shares a few of this program's revenue from advertising using the organization chosen by the user. Aside from this there exists a feature S60 launched in select markets. It originated cell phones like the Nokia Smartphones. Using this, tool phone users are able to use the features like voice clips, grouped contacts, file and image sending, and certain improvements like integration with the contact list and tabbed chat. Hence Live messenger has uses besides simple chatting.